Friday, March 7, 2008

Luke and Noah

I'm the first to admit that despite being a media junkie i'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to the world of soap operas. However they have caught my attention this week, specifically the current situation with the As the World Turns characters Luke and Noah. Plots around the gay couple have angered fans, but not for the reasons that you might think. Fans are upset because the show has not featured a kiss in months. The exact time in days, hours, minutes, and seconds can be found on a fan site which is running a countdown clock, demanding that he network feature a kiss between the two men.

Now i'm all for queer kissing in the media, but i'll admit that even i am shocked by the amount of media attention these fans have been receiving. i also can't help but laugh a little bit because it seems to me in terms of mediated representation of the community we probably have a lot more important things to be concerned about than weather a fictional couple has kissed on screen recently. That said, given that soaps are known for their steamy scenes the noticeable lack of physical intimacy with this gay couple feeds into a cultural dialogue which desexualizes queer folk, at times to avoid controversy.

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