Friday, March 21, 2008

Labor of Love

I'm so used to having huge complaints about the ways in which queer lives and bodies, and especially gender nonconforming bodies are presented in the media that I will admit that i am not only shocked but thrilled to say that I am highly impressed with the way in which The Advocate (of all places) covered the story of Thomas Beatie a transman in Oregon who is currently preagnent with he and his wife's first child.

I am thrilled to see a media outlet which is so commonly conservative in what aspects of the queer community it chooses to cover publish (even if only online) an op-ed which explores the complexities of queered bodies, and addresses the horrific medical experiences which so many who defy the "normal" trans-narrative are unfortuinatly subjected to in our current, highly broken, queer-phobic medical industry.

I wish all the best to Thomas and his wife Nancy as they await the birth of their daughter, and would like to encourage other media outlets to look beyond conservative and traditional queer lives and bodies when they write about our community.

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