Sunday, April 13, 2008

commodification of oppression

I don't know that I even have the words to express my utter disgust at this new Hanes add (which interestingly enough will not be appearing in the states) and it's blatend commodification of oppression. This add along with it's sidekicks one saying nigger, and the other saying paki) make the claim that the world puts enough labels on people, your underwear shouldn't thus encouraging consumers to purchase tagless underwear.


Alexandra said...

wow. i hadn't seen this before. thanks for bringing it to light.

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Larkin said...

this is soooo sick!
thank you for sharing it however and spreading the word.
i am right now doing research for a queer media project for my journalism class and came across your blog.
awesome work, thank you for your insights!!! :):)

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